Come try out our Spicy Oregano Chicken, Falafel Sandwiches, Hummus and Authentic Gyro sandwiches. 


Let’s Do Greek started as a Restaurant in Edmond, specializing in Authentic Greek and Mediterranean Foods. We’re now offering our tasty food options with our food truck!



(All Served On Hot Pita Bread)

  • The Workx
    Sliced Gyros meat, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, Feta cheese & Tzatzki Sauce
  • Oregano Chicken
    Sliced, lightly breaded chicken tossed with grilled onions, virgin olive oil, herbs and lemon juice and wrapped with lettuce, tomatoes & our famous Spicy Oregano sauce
  • Thunder Gyros
    Gyros meat, grilled ham topped with Feta cheese, fresh onions, tomatoes & Spicy Thunder sauce
  • GLBT
    Sliced Gyros meat, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes & Ranch dressing
  • Falafel
    Homemade Falafels, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, black olives, Feta cheese & Tzatziki sauce
  • Veggie
    Hot Pita bread smothered with homemade hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives, Feta cheese & Tzatziki sauce


(All Bowls Served On A Bed Of Basmati Rice & Hot Pita)

  • Gyros Over Rice
    Topped with sliced Gyros meat, fresh onions, grilled tomatoes & Tzatziki sauce
  • Oregano Chicken Over Rice
    Topped with Spicy Oregano chicken & Spicy Oregano sauce
  • Thunder Oregano Bowl
    The above with feta cheese and “Thunder Sauce”
  • Veggie Over Rice
    Topped with shredded lettuce, fresh onions, sliced olives, grilled tomatoes, Tzatziki sauce, Feta cheese & homemade hummus
  • Veggie Falafel Over Rice
    The Veggie Over Rice Bowl with the addition of Falafels


  • Thunder French Fries
    Fries topped with Oregano sauce, Spicy Thunder sauce & Feta cheese
  • Hummus & Hot Pita
    Homemade hummus
  • Thunder Hummus & Pita
    Spicy homemade hummus
  • French Fries
    Warm, tasty French fries
  • Feta Fries
    French fries with feta cheese
  • Loaded Thunder Fries
    Our Thunder Fries with choice of Gyros Meat or Oregano Chicken


  • Baklava
    Phyllo dough with pecans, walnuts and honey

Water $2


I had a wonderful experience. The owners went above and beyond to make my autistic son his favorite meal which happened to be off menu. We were grateful and impressed.

Charlena White De Leon

They have awesome food. I love the gyro sandwiches and the bread is to die for!

Julie Begley Kamp

They have awesomely authentic Greek food at affordable prices!

Perri Hurst


Contact Let’s Do Greek
(405) 642-2021
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Restaurant Location:
7202 W. Hefner Rd, OKC, OK, 73162,